Meet the Pastor:

CHURCH AUG 11 2013 001

Rev. Harold Boyd    

     From the Pastor: I am very humbled to serve as pastor of First Church of God of Norfolk. Our facility and our congregation, make for a blessed worship experience. We believe in the Holy Word of God and we hold the Bible as the Inherent Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit.

     The love is over abounding and each member has a specific talent given to them by Almighty God. Everyone works in concert with one another and affords each person the opportunity to use their personal talent. This is a growing ministry and everyone is vitally important to the ministry.

     As pastor, and on behalf of the congregation, let me welcome you again to our church. I would like to personally invite you to join us for Sunday School and the various other opportunities for Worship.

     We have come into His House to Worship Him. Amen.