Easter is next Sunday, and it is during this time, I feel we must look at how we serve our Lord Jesus.  Do we serve Him fully, humbling ourselves before Him and man or do we serve Him when it is convenient for us?

This Sunday, April 9th 2017 in both the Traditional and Contemporary services, I will be preaching on Christ-like Humility.  It amazes me how the Apostle Paul never meeting Jesus face-to-face seemed to know Him very deeply and personally.

In the text we see How Jesus humbled Himself and everything He did during His ministry was to fulfill the Father’s will.  Sometimes, I wonder in the society we live in today, how do we show Jesus’ qualities in the life we live?  Do we actually show Christ-like humility or does everything we do have selfish, greedy, and bias connotations attached to it?

As we grow and mature in Christ Jesus through our daily walk with Him, the more we practice His humility and give into His will, the more, I believe others will see Him living within us.

May this Easter bring forth in us the humbleness that Christ Jesus showed to His Heavenly Father and may we do the same as we serve our living Savior which is Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev. Harold Boyd
Pastor, First Church of God, Norfolk


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