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This past Sunday, I did the first of a two part series on Veteran’s Day. My wife and I both served on Active Duty as well as so many others within our congregation here at First Church of God, Norfolk, VA.  First, let me say, we are a non-denominational church and being a military town, we support and love our military men and women for what they have done for both God and country in fighting for the freedoms that we still possess even today.

However, we know our Nation and our country has fallen away from God.  We know that it only took one person to remove the prayers from our schools and the Ten Commandments from every federal building.  We as a church, which is the body of Christ Jesus our Lord, need to stand up and speak up for our rights as a nation and as Christians.  We need to win back our freedoms as believers so that all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Love of both God and Country will not have died in vain.

This upcoming Presidential election that we will vote on tomorrow will be a tell all for all of us.  No, I am not siding with one or the other of our candidates, but what I do know, is we need to be in prayer right now and through this election process that God’s will prevail and that our nation comes back to humbling themselves before God Almighty.

Our Forefathers built a nation honoring God.  We see it in the pledge of allegiance, we see it on all of our currency, we see it in the court rooms, and yes in every aspect of our daily lives.  So, the question arises and forces us to ask ourselves; “How did we allow things to get so far out of whack?”  Stand up church, and as the Apostle Paul states, paraphrasing, Finish the race, keep going for the ultimate prize which is eternity in Heaven with Christ Jesus.  May God add a special blessing to us all this day and may we also be reminded, His grace is and always will be sufficient.

So, if you would like to hear the second part of this sermon series, please come to our beloved church this coming Sunday, November 13, 10:45 AM and lets together honor our brave servicemen and women who served both God and country in Christian Love.


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